RNAi Database

Website: www.rnai.org

RNAiDB provides comprehensive access to publicly available RNAi phenotypic data from C. elegans. RNAiDB provides raw data (in the form of images and movies), annotated phenotypes, graphical gene maps, analysis of potential off-target gene inhibition, and tools for searching and mining phenotypic data.

As of v3.0, RNAiDB contains all published RNAi experiments in C. elegans that have been deposited in WormBase, including data from the literature and published large-scale RNAi studies. RNAi to gene mappings for all experiments have been re-analyzed using ePCR and/or a sliding n-mer window method to identify all genes in different genomic locations that may potentially be inhibited by each experiment. Gene maps showing canonical and putative alternate mappings are displayed graphically on RNAi Experiment and Gene/ORF card pages.

A manuscript describing the database was published in the 2004 NAR Database issue: RNAiDB and PhenoBlast: Web tools for genome-wide phenotypic mapping projects. Gunsalus KC, Yueh WC, MacMenamin P, Piano F. Nucl Acids Res (2004) 32, Database issue: D406-D410.

RNAiDB is currently being developed and maintained by Philip MacMenamin and Kris Gunsalus at NYU's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology. Development of RNAiDB has been supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation and is currently supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health.